Nuevo Arenal Services and Information

So you’re ready to come live in Nuevo Arenal?  If so, you’re going to need some basic information to started.  The following is a basic list of everything you’ll need to live comfortably in paradise.

Essential information to live in Nuevo Arenal
Nuevo Arenal is a great little town with all of the conveniences needed to live comfortably in paradise!

Essential Information to Live in Nuevo Arenal

Banks:  There are two banks in Nuevo Arenal.  Banco Nacional de Costa Rica (BNCR: is located across from the soccer field.  Banco de Costa Rica (BCR: is on the main road.  Each has an ATM in front.

Water:  Water is supplied by AyA (, which is government managed.  The office is just past BNCR on the left.

Electricity:  Electricity is supplied by ICE (, which is government managed.  The office is located 100 meters past BNCR on the left.

Phone:  Land lines are administered by ICE in the previously mentioned office.  Cell phones are available through Kolbi ( at the ICE office.  There are also several other cell phone providers in Costa Rica.

Internet:  Internet is available through ICE.  High speed is available in town.

Cable television:  Cable Arenal offers a cable service in town.  The office is located on the main road, across from the cell tower.

Satellite TV:  There are several providers.  Sky ( and Claro ( are the most popular.

Propane:  Propane is available at any of the larger mini-supers in town.

Grade schools:  Grade schools from kindergarten – high school grade 5 (equivalent of grade 11 in most other countries) are located in town.

Police:  The police station is located on the corner of the main road, across from the church.  The phone number is 4001-6911, but call 911 for any emergency situation.

Security:  ADT ( provide alarm service in Nuevo Arenal.

Post office:  The post office is located in the plaza on Rt.142 on the corner of the main entrance to town.

Medical clinic:  The CCSS ( has a clinic in the yellow building across from the church.

Pharmacy:  There are two pharmacies in town.  Both are on the main road.

Church:  There are a few of churches in town, including an English spoken parish located a couple kilometers outside of town.

Nuevo Arenal ADI:  The ADI is a local government committee in charge of the development and progression of the town.  They raise funds for key community projects such as funding for the police station, administration of parks, Christmas for all kids annual event, administration of the town’s bull fighting ring and more.

Essential out of town services

Municipal government:  The municipal government offices are located in Tilaran, next to the main bus station.

Driver’s license:  Administered by Cosevi (  You can obtain it in Liberia or San Jose.  Read more info on the process here:

INS car insurance:  Auto insurance is mandatory in Costa Rica.  You can get it through INS (

Riteve:  Riteve ( is in charge of government mandated annual vehicular inspections.  The closest location is in Canas.

Migracion Costa Rica:  Official government entity in charge of immigration ( laws and enforcement of regulations.

Costa Rica Embassy:  Visa and entry requirements (

U.S. Embassy:  The official United States Embassy in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Canadian Embassy in Costa Rica:  The official Canadian Embassy in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Association of Residents of Costa Rica:  Popular resource for assistance in obtaining residency in Costa Rica (

CIMA Hospital San Jose:  CIMA San Jose ( provides state of the art facilities.  Accepts some international insurances.

CIMA Hospital Guanacaste:  The newest CIMA hospital ( is located just south of Liberia, about 2.5 hours from Nuevo Arenal.

Alcoholics Anonymous:  Link to English spoken AA meetings (  Spanish spoken meetings are also available in both Tilaran and La Fortuna.

Do you have information to add to the list?  Please share in the comments below.

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